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Rockville Maryland Real Estate

Rockville Maryland is a city 20 miles northwest of Washington DC, and 40 miles southwest of Baltimore. Rockville is in Montgomery county, and has about 60,000 citizens. Bethesda and Gaithersburg are cities that border Rockville.

Rockville is a wealthy area. The median income in Rockville is $93,000. Median home prices in Rockville MD are about $460,000. The homes in Rockville are beautiful, and you don’t want to pass them up. Major employers for the city are Westat, Human Genome Sciences, and Wolpoff and Abramson.
Surprisingly there are a handful of sports teams based out of Rockville Maryland. The Rockville Express is a city baseball team that won the league championship in 2007. Rockville claims its own ballet company, chorus, band and youth orchestra.
The heart of downtown Rockville is the Rockville Town Center. The Town center is a mix of retail shopping, restaurants, and open areas with fountains to watch or play in. Annual farmer’s markets are held in Rockville. Other events and activities such as parks, climbing gyms, and theaters. Rockville has its own ballet company, band and chorus. There is also an 18 hole golf course in Rockville Maryland.
Rockville is the historical hub for Montgomery County. It has served as a refuge for early semi-nomadic Native Americans and a great rest stop for colonial explorers. This makes for the charming style of homes found in Rockville.